[NOT HOSTED] Watch NASA rollout their newest and most powerful rocket, SLS!

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  • 16/03/2022 को प्रकाशित
    NASA is rolling out their first completed SLS (Space Launch System) rocket for the first time ever! The 6.85 km [4.25 mile] long journey will take approximately 5 hours to reach its destination of Launch Complex 39B for its upcoming wet dress rehearsal. This long awaited event is one of the last steps before it launches no earlier than June, 2022.
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  • RarestAce
    RarestAce  +59

    I really truly appreciate all that you and your team do Tim. I know just how excited you were share this historic moment with us. Even though you had bandwidth troubles we appreciate all that you do and contribute to the space flight community. Even though you can't stream the roll out you can at least record locally And still enjoy being at KSC and seeing SLS make its way to the pad. I do know is that when this thing finally takes off you guys will be there and just nail the coverage of its maiden flight. Again thank you for everything you and your team do.

  • Gee See
    Gee See  +10

    Tim, I just watched the SpaceX documentary on Netflix and… you’re on it ! Heartfelt congratulations and well done on having a long segment with you. Superb and keep up the good work. I love your channel and the passion you put into it. Greets from Switzerland!

  • Mark Wandrey

    Nice to see the $pace Launch System finally move, even if it's only a couple miles.

  • Kip Kline

    I’m starting to wonder if SLS launch timeframe is delaying the approval of Starship. Pretty hard for nasa to keep proclaiming SLS as the most powerful yet once starship reaches the ✨

  • rankosaotome

    Tim, have you ever visited the Infinity Museum at the John C. Stennis Space Center? I just visited it myself and immediately thought of you. They have a Areospike engine hanging from the ceiling tucked in a corner on the first floor. Also a first stage Saturn V rocket.

  • Bingham79

    Wow! Didn't know that they were rolling SLS out to the lauch pad. Looks like it was a nice ceremony/celebration. When is launch scheduled for - 2027?

  • Jessica Kirsh

    I feel for you so much. How you handled it, Tim, was far better than I would have :) Great job, moderators, in the chat! You all are saints!

  • Monty Gill

    Go SLS 👍

  • Colin Maynard

    Impressed it stayed upright with all the NASA puff and hot air

  • MrGlenn442

    Tim starts hosting

  • Mix TV

    Tim, how is the idea for you to make a video about Raptor 2 engine? You know, like, compare it to Raptor 1, how it was improved and etc. ;)

  • Duane Lawrence

    Can you please do an episode on the Artemis accords?

  • Tanja since Felicity

    So sorry hosting didn't work, i hope we'll get a video from you about it 😍

  • rlg222
    rlg222  +7

    What a pain to qualify the FTS S&A's for this one...

  • Mister Jeff

    We can send a man to the moon, but we can’t handle bandwidth with 1000’s of others w/cell phones during the “big event”. Nice time lapse save!

  • Gargamel And Rudmila

    Hi everyday astronaut.

  • Mr. Carroll

    The sun shall rise on a gloriously adorned Launchpad!

  • Christopher Lemfors


  • shanghai264359

    I'm a big fan of SLS but I thought the SpaceX Superheavy/Starship combo was going to be the most powerful rocket ever.

  • Richard Loewen

    Re the VAB, some trivia. (Gathered in Jan69, when i was a wide-eyed new 12 year old, visiting there with my parents.) The VAB was originally built without AC. But--with its uninterrupted immense internal vertical, the inside air stratifiéd, and rain started, on the INSIDE. Thus the need to put in AC.