I Built The Ultimate 4K Rocket Chasing Van! Retired News Van Makeover Build And Tour!

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  • 27/08/2022 को प्रकाशित
  • The first 100 people to use code ASTRONAUT at the link below will get 20% off of Incogni: incogni.com/astronaut
    Here's a link to the awesome EcoFlow batteries we're using to run our van, our studio, and some of our field assets as well:
    us.ecoflow.com ?aff=219
    I bought an old production truck and turned it into the ultimate 4K livestreaming, rocket chasing van. Join me as I show you the build and give you a tour of the gear it takes to a run a 4K show!
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  • Real Engineering

    This is amazing Tim. A solid investment that's going to even further set your channel apart

  • Marcus House

    This is freaking badass Tim! Can't wait to see how it works out for you all. Awesome seeing you and MaryLiz in the livestream today. Best of luck over the next 24 hours mate.

  • Robert Demarest

    For your safety, please secure those Ecoflow batteries! Do so with strong steel straps into the floor. During a crash, or emergency braking these will become very heavy projectiles inside the cabin and very dangerous to you and the equipment! (obviously secure other heavy items too) To stabilize the mast you may want to get some thin yet high-tension(no stretch) rope like HMPE / Dyneema or steel cable and some heavy-duty Auger-Style Stakes to drive into the soil. Plus some ratchets. This would help with the sway of the boom arm. Also as others have said, get a Starlink for RV's dish for connectivity because why not?

  • Charles Lesther

    Be careful with that mast. They can’t handle much more than 35psi and need constant lubrication. Contact will-Burt and make sure that if you’re gonna use it, you do it right. Also if the truck didn’t come with stabilizing jacks you’ll need to look into them. At full extension that thing will rock enough to induce nausea in ~15mph wind. Frontline communications who built the truck can also advise on necessary gear/precautions.

  • nkronert
    nkronert  +299

    I see that some others also have security concerns in mind. As cool as descriptive "artwork" on the outside looks, I'd recommend making the van look as boring as possible, so criminals won't easily know about the fortune stored inside. Good luck with your new mobile studio! 👍

  • Darren Demis

    Tim, you guys should use those outside audio inputs to record stereoscopic sound for each launch. Including stereoscopic sound in a launch video would add an awesome layer of detail to those launch replays.

  • ultimategotea

    Pretty fast if it can chase rockets!

  • PlamenRamen

    As a broadcast engineer, I love seeing people put together small projects like this and seeing what they come up with when looking at broadcast gear from a fresh point of view.

  • The Mx5 Channel


  • Bodean Smith

    Look in to getting a side door tent that mounts above the side door. It should help waterproof your external inputs and reduce direct rain or spray when opening side door in the rain. Looking forward to seeing your coverage. Also an Everyday Astronaut sign above the door inside would hit when your streaming and looking the the screens

  • Hal Schirmer

    Great project-

  • Sean Tiz
    Sean Tiz  +144

    I’m getting a strong Ghost Busters vibe from this vehicle. Awesome work guys.

  • Stuart Warren

    You should do a solar panel array and victron inverter so you have a solid AC power source... Neat that you're re-using a STNG truck with a pneumatic mast. Watch for power lines whenever you plan to extend it since it can kill you if you get within arc range of high power lines. If the seals are old, you may need to rework the pneumatic mast seals since the mast will slowly leak down if you don't have good seals at each segment.

  • Rive
    Rive  +56

    You might want to keep a CO2 sensor inside the back. You'll need good ventillation back there especially with two people back there for hours at a time.

  • Timothy Davis

    Thanks for all the hard work you and your team have put in to bringing all of us space fans such awesome content!

  • Graham Eida

    So much valuable kit in there, hope it’s going to have a great alarm and gps tracking !

  • Friend Deming

    As an audio tech who hasn't been behind a console in sometime. This brings back some really good memories. Great work as always, looking forward to seeing all you and your team bring to us as viewers. Clearest of skies.

  • Beta Logic

    this is honestly insane, there is nobody else on youtube who does it quite like Tim and the team - very excited to see the content being made from this!

  • Zach
    Zach  +170

    Always trying to find ways to step his game up, never stop! That's why I love this channel, keep up the great work Tim

  • Eagle Beagle

    Amazing way to reuse an old news van! I recommend getting some strong padlocks for all the double doors like you see on contractor vans. i'm not sure if your cellular transmitters have an external antenna, but one on top of the mast could help when in remote areas... Also, if you do ever need parts or advice on fixing the mast and such, the company that built the van, Frontline, is in Clearwater/Pinellas Park, FL. Nice guys, neat place!