Watch NASA land the Perseverance Rover on Mars!

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  • 17/02/2021 को प्रकाशित
  • NASA will be attempting to land the Mars Rover and Ingenuity Helicopter on the surface of Mars! This is the biggest and most sophisticated rover anyone has ever landed on the surface of Mars.
    After a 7-month long journey spanning 497 million km, Perseverance will land at Jezero Crater. It's a sibling to Curiosity, featuring a large drill and a soil caching system, upgraded wheels and cameras, and even an experiment that will make oxygen on the surface of Mars!
    Want to know more about this mission? Check out our article explaining everything you need to know about the Mission [Perseverance and Ingenuity]!
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  • Glenn Marks
    Glenn Marks साल पहले +6

    I am a huge fan of your "documentaries", they never seem very long which means they have me riveted for every second and the time flies. You do such a great job of explaining things in terms that ordinary people can understand.

  • u2zero2u
    u2zero2u साल पहले

    Is NASA morphing into a kind of Spacex culture and/or approach to these live broadcasts? This was much better than any live video so far. It's nice to see so many people being excited about this kind of stuff. Thank you Tim for another awesome live stream. If you have ever thought about donating to a person on youtube, you could not find a better person to donate to than him. He obviously loves what he does, makes great videos, and he travels across America sometimes to do live streams of rocket launches which I'm sure costs a good amount of money. So please consider donating to Everyday Astronaut. Take care everyone and have a great day.

  • luckosteve12
    luckosteve12 साल पहले

    Great stuff as always. Thanks for all you do. 🚀

  • Onkla

    I cant believe its already been more than a year! I remember very clearly watching this on the tv with my family! The mars launch window will be opening in a few months so we will see some more mars missions!

  • dolita windo
    dolita windo साल पहले +3

    And that my friends, is how it’s done. Landing on Mars is no simple thing. Absolutely fantastic job, perfect landing. Well done JPL!

  • Peter Morlon
    Peter Morlon साल पहले

    Great Job Tim! You are relentless and we appreciate it.

  • Demo Bailey
    Demo Bailey साल पहले +2

    So many cameras! I'm so glad this went so smoothly! thanks for the coverage

  • Dean Burton
    Dean Burton साल पहले +1

    Good work man. Everything you do is very good quality.

  • David Ramsay IV
    David Ramsay IV साल पहले

    Things I love about this stream, random reading of chat, as if you are just a conduit of the audience, when you tell us something I don't know, with facts that converge on a number, best part is when you messed the math up, giving us a bad number and correct your self when chat starts screaming at you. I can't over express how this makes you endearing and feel real. This is everything mainstream is not. As a Juggler I get the feeling you are bouncing your attention around to 3 to 5 things. Thank you for all your imperfections. I like your telescope too.

  • John R West

    Totally excellent!! Thank you very much for sharing an excellent broadcast!! Congratulations NASA, JPL, Lockheed Martin!!!

  • Jeremy Jutila

    Kinda cool to think at the ~ L-

  • Jaybyrd Cybertruck
    Jaybyrd Cybertruck साल पहले +1

    watched Curiosity live and got to see this live and it is still astonishing that they pulled it off so well!

  • Mrsournotes
    Mrsournotes साल पहले +6

    Thanks for the great coverage Tim.

  • Geoff Hilton
    Geoff Hilton साल पहले +1

    You have a fabulous job, it shows that you are really excited about the proceedings, I'm so relieved that everything went OKay, the most stressful event in the future for me is the launch of the James Webb telescope, I'm worrying already.

  • grimm reaper
    grimm reaper साल पहले

    So very exciting! Belated congratulations teams!!!

  • Lucas Fehr
    Lucas Fehr साल पहले +2

    Cheer to humans doing AWESOME THINGS! Thanks for the stream, Astro Tim!

  • Kurt
    Kurt साल पहले +166

    Hearing "touchdown confirmed" is so exciting

  • Strigon Shitposting
    Strigon Shitposting साल पहले

    This was the greatest thing I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing.

  • nathan barnes
    nathan barnes साल पहले

    Could the Sky Crane impact location be used to study the surface/subsurface of Mars?

  • Fury
    Fury साल पहले

    what a time to be alive