[LIVE 3 MILES AWAY!!!] Watch SpaceX launch 4 civilians into orbit for Inspiration 4!!!

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  • 14/09/2021 को प्रकाशित
  • SpaceX will launch four private astronauts on the first free flight mission of Crew Dragon on Inspiration4. The Falcon 9 B1062-3 will launch Crew Dragon C207-2 into a 575 km low-Earth orbit; this will mark the highest orbit a crewed mission has gone to since the STS-103 mission in 1999. The Inspiration4 mission will launch from Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A), at the Kennedy Space Center, in Florida, USA.
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  • Robert Klein
    Robert Klein साल पहले +153

    I live right across the water from 39A and have seen every launch since the 1970's, but what I saw tonight was an indescribable beauty like nothing I've ever seen. The Twilight Effect almost filled the entire sky and I hope some amazing videographer was able to catch it.

  • Hank Kingsley
    Hank Kingsley साल पहले +55

    Probably one of the most important missions for SpaceX so far

  • Michael Anonymous
    Michael Anonymous साल पहले +17

    What can I say? Great job Tim! Thanks so much for emphasizing the humanity of getting civilians into space without government support. Such a milestone for everyone :)

  • Bobby Ray
    Bobby Ray साल पहले +96

    I happened to come upon this channel when you had Elon on. Followed since and had no idea this was happening tonight and got a notification and clicked on it.... there was 17 seconds to lift off. Best decision I made in a while. Thank you for this.

  • Leo H
    Leo H साल पहले +40

    Many of us shaked and weeped, me included. And it is going to be the same for splashdown. This is one of the most incredible things I have seen in my life. Like a celebration of the great achievements we can aspire to when we work together.

  • Rachel Dali Hug
    Rachel Dali Hug साल पहले +95

    I cried too. It is so wonderful to have something to be excited about when it comes to space. SpaceX has been a game changer! I was born the year man first stepped on the moon, and I have been waiting my whole life to see us go back there! I lost hope that it would happen for awhile there...but I believe we WILL go back very soon, and then we'll be off to Mars! The future of humanity in space is BRIGHT! Thanks for the awesome coverage!

  • OriginalHuman
    OriginalHuman साल पहले +261

    What an emotional journey… I’m so happy for them!

  • Jun Abejo
    Jun Abejo साल पहले +46

    This is such a historical event: first time civilians to reach space for a long duration!

  • Mar Red
    Mar Red साल पहले +44

    Having lived through Challenger as a 7th grader, this felt very similar and I'm so happy they've made it to orbit. Great day.

  • Farras Ariq A
    Farras Ariq A साल पहले +577

    Blue Origin has sued the Earth’s atmosphere for making it too difficult to reach orbit

  • ChuckyLarms
    ChuckyLarms साल पहले +64

    The images of the 1 stage thrusters visable on reentry are incredible

  • Billy Tucker
    Billy Tucker साल पहले +30

    Love that Everyday Astronaut watches every launch like it's his first! Always seems special.

  • Mad Tech
    Mad Tech साल पहले +9

    that other perspective view of the launch and stage 1 landing was fking beautiful

  • Golden Pacific Media
    Golden Pacific Media साल पहले

    Tim, your vantage point is almost precisely where I saw the first night launch of the STS in 1983 (STS-8). Totally amazing to see STS go into space from the KSC Press Site in 1983. Thanks for your great coverage!

  • soozarty
    soozarty साल पहले +60

    If he would want to go, I think we all need to start a campaign to convince Elon to put Tim on a crew/launch.

  • David Masefield
    David Masefield साल पहले +19

    Great emotion and passion Tim, you are a great human being!

  • Snow Foot Outdoors
    Snow Foot Outdoors साल पहले

    Hey Tim, love your channel, story, and content you bring. I also followed the launch yesterday and actually was able to see Inspiration 4 and the ISS yesterday evening flying in tandem overhead from my home near Sacramento, Ca. It was quite humbling to know that those are people up there and 4 of them had just launched not 3 hours prior to me seeing them overhead. Quite possible they could see eachother.

  • Nick Watts
    Nick Watts साल पहले +1

    This is just awesome well done everybody involved. Brilliant job Tim I just love how invested you are in this it really shows. Best wishes from Nick in the uk.🚀🚀

  • HeliTom
    HeliTom साल पहले +11

    That launch teared me up.. 🥲 so inspiring indeed!

  • Kenaiwolf
    Kenaiwolf साल पहले +39

    Tim, you're such an incredibly humble and kind soul. Go ahead let your emotions flow, without any apologies. We truly DO live in an amazing time.