Tour Firefly Aerospace's Factory and Test Site With Their CEO, Tom Markusic

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  • 10/10/2021 को प्रकाशित
  • Join me as I walk through Firefly Aerospace's Texas test site and factory with their CEO, Tom Markusic. This was a highly detailed tour where we got to learn a ton about their engines, their rockets, and rocket science in general. It was super fun chatting with Tom because he has a Ph.D. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, so I learned a lot!
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  • Stubby Phillips

    I gotta say it again... Having an interviewer who really understands what the interviewee is talking about is WAY WAY WAY FREAKING BETTER than the superficial fluff we get from big media and NASA. Thanks Tim!

  • TexanUSMC8089

    Outstanding interview. I'm a much bigger fan of Firefly now. Tom isn't just a CEO, he's an engineer. Well done Tom and Tim.

  • Gammermonk
    Gammermonk  +552

    From a small photographer and now today you collab with Elon Musk and interviewing space CEO's, Tim you are truly bringing space down to earth.

  • Endymion

    This just shows that Tim's attitude towards being genuinely "team space" resonates with people in the industry. They want to talk to him, they like that he's excited about what they're working on, and that he has knowledge about their work. Great work as always Tim! Still really looking forward to your History of Soviet Rocket Engines, maybe this year eh? XD

  • Robotron25a

    So cool to see! A previous president of my rocketry club works at Firefly now and bragged about getting a picture with you Tim! Makes the whole commercial space industry seem more down to earth, yet somehow even more amazing!

  • Rad Daks
    Rad Daks  +292

    What's with rocket company CEOs being so awesome? Tory Bruno, Peter Beck, Elon Musk, and now Tom Markusic. Hats off to these people for being awesome and engaged with the space community.

  • Wayne Steed

    Love that Firefly is open book about how their company operates.

  • Roberto Preatoni

    With all those space channels popping up daily on YT, all of them giving reduntant but almost real time information, it's nice to see that EverydayAstronaut chose to go for quality over quantity.

  • Myst
    Myst  +204

    Why do I get emotional when a CEO becomes upfront honnest and passionate?

  • PiDsMedia
    PiDsMedia  +192

    Blurred sections, rather then awkward jump-cuts - GREAT CHOICE :)

  • TheCrjflyr

    Watching Tom Markusic grinning while the rocket was running was the best part of this video, and the rest of the video is awesome. That dude is now my favorite rocket CEO other than Elon. He really loves what he’s doing and it shows. That was one of the best interviews Tim has ever done.

  • Jack Beyer
    Jack Beyer  +126

    This is such a good video! So many interesting tidbits. Props to Firefly for letting you do this and being so open, Tim. Tom is such a likable and interesting guy. Cant wait for flight 2!

  • Albert Buckingham

    So refreshing to have CEO's that know their product down to the wiring.

  • babstra55
    babstra55  +41

    I just love so much that we have tim asking actual engineering questions instead of the usual lifestyle fluff any other media would ask.

  • Vincent Molloy

    Another legendary interview Tim. Well done and well done to Tom for taking the time to explain some of this stuff to us. Learnt a lot about rocket engines just from this interview. Well done to the Firefly team. Cant wait for their next launch.

  • Captain Cork

    Love the fact that one of the guys working on the engine is wearing a SpaceX t-shirt. Go team space!

  • Arran Johnson

    Simply superb. Super interesting to hear the reasons behind the flight 1 failure and very promising as well that it seems a small fix. I’ve got to say Tim your knowledge really seems to make space CEOs open up about what they’re working on and you can see how genuinely excited they are about what they’re working on. Can’t wait for Firefly’s next launch now, thank you so so much for an incredible tour! :)

  • ayhanavci
    ayhanavci  +20

    I love hands on CEOs who actually know what his company is doing on a technical details level.

  • MrGoesBoom

    Not only do you get the best interviews and tours, it always seems like they're both really happy to have you there and with the questions you ask. Thanks for the upload Tim!

  • shirro
    shirro  +6

    Not even half way through yet and this is a fantastic interview and Tom is very generous with his time and knowledge. Their first test was so close. They are going to be gaining a lot of new fans.