Why SpaceX’s Starship will fall like a skydiver and not fly like an airplane

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  • 5/10/2018 को प्रकाशित
  • Ever since SpaceX tweeted this photo on September 13th, 2018, a lot of people fear the BFR is slowly turning into the space shuttle. Quoting ever growing wings and a giant heat shield covering the belly of the ship… so how is this any different than the Space Shuttle?
    Today we’ll to cover three topics. First, we’ll compare the reentry of the space shuttle to the reentry of the BFS and show how they differ. Then we’ll explain what control surfaces allow the BFS to perform this reentry, and then we’ll compare the thermal protection systems of the Shuttle and the BFS.
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  • KsNewSpace
    KsNewSpace 4 साल पहले +883

    I'm probably too biased to say this but it's really a great episode! I'm so curious to know what kind of a motor they will develop. They surely need some kind of integrated solution because mounting the engines as I did on the BFS is not so optimal xD (but easier to showcase). They also need some kind of redundancy in case something fails so it would make sense to have many weaks motors rather than one strong. Then you have to think about cooling and powering them and what not. Oh boy, that will be interesting!

  • RamboVet
    RamboVet 3 साल पहले +18

    I recently discovered you while researching the difference between the Dragon Capsule and Dragon Crew Capsule. I then found your straightforward, yet technical style immersive and it drew me into a rabbit hole of your videos. I'm becoming a subscriber. Thank you so much for your insight.

  • Virginia Hansen
    Virginia Hansen 3 साल पहले +361

    I think SpaceX decided to use evaporative cooling on the Starship after Elon watched you using radiators as heatshields in this episode.

  • Joel
    Joel 2 साल पहले +2

    let's be honest though: the space shuttle, just from an aesthetic standpoint, was one of the best looking spacecraft humans have flown and I don't think spacex will ever be able to top how amazing it looked

  • Paul Blase
    Paul Blase 3 साल पहले

    I'd be interested in knowing what the relationship, if any, is between the BFR design and the Delta Clipper/DC -Y design. They're pretty close in their re-entry profile.

  • 221 b
    221 b 4 साल पहले

    Tip for everyone trying to build KSP BFR's: If you roll over 180° during reentry, making the top fin/leg point into the wind and the back, that are supposed to fold towards the back, you'll get almost perfectly the reentry configuration of BFR and it's fly super stable like a dream.

  • hamjudo
    hamjudo 2 साल पहले

    I watched this excellent video nearly two years after it was published. It adds historical context for understanding the changes over time.

  • Jack Keville
    Jack Keville 4 साल पहले +16

    As a somewhat fatalistic spaceflight enthusiast, I can't help but feel increasingly anxious about the growing complexity of the Big Falcon Rocket. However, having seen the incredible advancements SpaceX have delivered in a decade, I remain confident.

  • The_Dragon_Gamer
    The_Dragon_Gamer 4 साल पहले

    Excellent hypothesis and scientific explanation on how the BFS and the veteran space shuttle works differently. I was looking for something to tell me if this next-gen craft could or will be used in 2020-22 since the previous proposed Xspace craft design were either cancelled or rejected due to excessive amount of weight and incapability to transport such weight to the launch site; BFR was too big.

  • John Morris
    John Morris 2 साल पहले

    things have changed so much in 18 months. the basics of the starship are the same but the details are vastly different now. great video!

  • David Carlisle
    David Carlisle 3 साल पहले

    Since we've heard the Starship fin design has changed, it would be interesting to know if your version would work better. Or maybe grid fins rather than braking fins? Maybe two full rows of standard Falcon 9 grid fins that would hug the rocket during liftoff and then deploy like your video during reentry? Using standard Falcon 9 grid fins would save a lot of design time.

  • Arnav Kalgutkar
    Arnav Kalgutkar 4 साल पहले

    Hey Tim, cool vid!

  • ElfinPlatypus13
    ElfinPlatypus13 2 साल पहले

    The Pagani Huayra actually does the same thing as the BFR when cornering. It has 4 aerobrakes (2 front and 2 rear) which keeps the wheels on the ground and stop it from rolling at high speed.

  • Michael Behrns-Miller
    Michael Behrns-Miller 4 साल पहले +5

    Thanks again Tim, this was packed with goodness. All the energy and smarts you put in to boiling down a lot of information into these concise videos is SO RARE and so appreciated. Quality stuff!

  • letsburn00
    letsburn00 4 साल पहले

    A ship which gained control similarly was the HOTOL. It never launched, but it needed signifiant control authority by moving control surfaces at the front in order to keep its nose down during ascent(the opposite problem as BFR, but still valid)

  • Jack T
    Jack T 2 साल पहले

    I like the your videos because you explain things clearly. In order to do that, it means you were able to educate yourself to understand how it works. At this point I get the feeling that the project elements that they have control of is the launch propulsion and mission equipment. I get the feeling they commit material before they know where they are going with regard to the reusable re-entry vehicle, but their competition are scrambling now and perhaps they see this as a window they must exploit while they have the advantage which means delay would ultimately have more of a financial impact than the cost of doing some design on the fly and risk a setback.

  • trr94001
    trr94001 3 साल पहले +164

    It’s closer to the original shuttle designs before the Air Force got involved and demanded massive maneuverability during reentry.

  • EpicSpaceTroll 139
    EpicSpaceTroll 139 4 साल पहले

    It occurs to me that perhaps a mass-efficient method to move the large fins would be to have the hinges themselves be passive except to have braking mechanisms, and to have thrusters located at the tips of the fins. The thrusters would torque the fins around and the brakes in the hinges would lock them in place when they have reached a desired deflection. This would only really be practical though if the fins aren't moving at high frequency. idk it's just an idea.

  • JD Clayton
    JD Clayton 3 साल पहले

    Love your channel. Will try to be a patron one day. You do us semi-technical lay people a huge benefit.

  • tama tonga
    tama tonga 2 साल पहले

    I think the design is to accommodate for 100 people to feel a bit more comfortable. And keeping a conventional seating how ever I'm sure there has been many designs on the board but as the time draws closer to the deadline. I'm sure you can imagine that if the falcon 9 thrusters can launch and land why not go with the same system. In order to do that lose the wings on the shuttle add air breaks utilize the body mass as heat distributions redesign the hyper thruster to carry a super heavy craft and send it off on a test run. I'm sure they could have redesigned the entire craft a whole new way but the race is cutting close. So let's take what works and add the hypers to it and win the race . Get a better contract and rework a whole new craft. I'm sure there were other craft designs but some people dont like changes. And to redesign a whole new thruster to a new and different style of craft means another 15 years before it can be perfected or close to. We dont have 15 years we have 4 and a half years . Make what works lock a contract and see if the craft will look similar after that...