[SCRUBBED][4K] LIVE 3.5 miles from NASA's most powerful rocket ever going to the moon!!!

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  • 2/09/2022 को प्रकाशित
  • NASA is set to launch the Orion spacecraft to a distant retrograde lunar orbit atop the Space Launch System (SLS) for its maiden launch known as Artemis 1. Launching from Launch Complex 39B, at the Kennedy Space Center, in Florida, the Artemis I mission will certify both Orion and the SLS Block 1 rocket for crewed spaceflight; its next mission-aptly named Artemis II-will be crewed, and bring a yet-announced crew to lunar orbit (but will not land on the lunar surface).
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  • Count Zero
    Count Zero  +250

    I'm old enough to have watched the first moon landing live on tv back in '69 - it would be amazing to see Man return to the Moon again in my lifetime...

  • yes
    yes 21 दिन पहले +1

    Went to KSC today for the first time and got to see this rocket on the pad. Made me even more excited for this mission. Really wish I could see a launch at the space center with you. Super jealous. You deserve it!

  • Rick Steeb

    Loving the 4k feed! Good work, Tim!

  • Joseph DiPrimio

    Hi Tim. Im watching Netflix Return to Space. Fantastic film and I am so happy to see you as an important part featuring you and Everyday Astronaut. I wish you would promote the program and your role in it. I’ve followed you since you began. Keep up the great work.

  • ghostish

    Good to see a live stream again, I've missed them.

  • Dejezeri

    I just want to say a thank you for your family, clearly you have been gifted by some wonderful people around you, to have your back as they say. I imagine doing all this great public work you have done may have been impossible without them ... so thank you for your effort, but I really want to thank everyone not in the spotlight for supporting you.

  • PookDaWook

    I honestly didn't even know INclips could do 4k streams. Props for investing in such a sick setup.

  • Monte Veskeii

    Wow SLS delayed more than once, who saw that coming?

  • Juan Melendez Rivera

    The second scrub on Artemis unmanned spacectaft. I have been watching launches since the Gemini and Apollo era. Many Space Shuttle launches were scrubbed too. We have to be patient and wait for next try. I'm sure that NASA will do its best for a successful take off. Keep up the good work. We support and admire the Artemis team 100%.

  • Dash SS
    Dash SS  +19

    This rocket design was never meant to be fixed before launch. It was meant to be a use and discard case. Its not efficiently designed to be fixed before launch. SpaceX can pull that off because its rockets are designed to be fixable.

  • Adam Kerman

    Personally this scrub is a relief since I fell asleep waiting for the launch and I don’t want to miss it!

  • jp
    jp  +11

    Getting to space is hard, complicated and dangerous. 15 astronauts during missions in space and 3 during ground testing. this body count has made NASA very careful when it comes to launching its ships into space. All the delays with Artemis must be viewed in this context

  • Steve Siegelin

    I didn't think they were supposed to attempt to fly until today, Monday. They said they didn't have enough fuel in the tank farm but I guess because of the hydrogen leak Saturday they attempted yesterday. That's kind of mind-blowing considering they had a huge hydrogen leak. I didn't even check the news yesterday. I took a day and relaxed due to a migraine. I don't understand why they tried to rush it this time. After two failures it should have been brought back Sunday instead of attempting to launch. Hell it took him awhile to save the vehicle last time because of liability issues


    It takes 11 years for develop, build and prepare this "most powerful" yet "so fragile" rocket for a lunar mission, and yet it takes 16 launch delays and 3 launch abort within the last 5 years just to blast this thing into space

  • Vi Tran

    Cầu mong chiếc tàu này thành công và tìm được những gì ở bên ngoài vũ trụ yêu thương ,cầu mong các cô chú phi hành gia bình an đi và về 🥰🙏

  • NewYorkNYKer

    I was at Port Canaveral on Monday to see launching and was scrubbed. It was the worst feeling.. Now I am in NYC and still hope it happens today but I guess it isn’t easy thing

  • Steve Siegelin

    Hey Tim, I would argue that falcon heavy technically went through its human qualifications with starman🤣. For anybody not realizing, yes that was a joke. I don't think we're going to strap humans into the fairing of a falcon heavy and I don't think the Tesla makes a good re-entry vehicle 😁

  • NDD
    NDD  +25

    At this point I'm expecting nuclear fusion to arrive before SLS

  • James Christian Lee
    James Christian Lee 21 दिन पहले

    whens SLS next schedule to launch? i've been buzzing for so long

  • James Lefebvre
    James Lefebvre 21 दिन पहले

    Hey did you know the SLS is featured in Star Trek: Into Darkness? That's awesome.