Watch Boeing and ULA launch Starliner to the ISS!

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  • 18/05/2022 को प्रकाशित
  • Boeing is preparing to repeat the first Orbital Flight Test of their Starliner spacecraft, which failed to dock with the International Space Station in 2019 following an issue with the spacecrafts Mission Elapsed Time (MET) clock. The spacecraft will launch atop ULA’s Atlas V N22 rocket, and will dock to the Harmony forward port of the ISS 24 hours later. OFT-2 will demonstrate Starliner’s capability to fly and dock to the ISS.
    Check out our Prelaunch Preview to learn more about this mission!
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  • Ramztothaz
    Ramztothaz  +515

    Was waiting for the first stage to start its landing sequence...than i was like..oh..right..

  • James Guy Photography

    Using (some) metric measurements was a major kilometerstone for ULA.

  • Anthony Blacker

    You are very VERY good at breaking down the theories and physics etc. behind all the astrophysics.. You're a true Gem to the community Tim and seriously, it's greatly appreciated!! (this is from what your saying about an hour and 25 minutes into the video)

  • GreezyHammer

    Thank you for the coverage, great to see Boeing finally get it up!

  • ProfPolish

    I’m a SpaceX fan boy but this launch is very exciting. Now if Blue Origins could get up to speed we’d be ready to make huge strides into space. Imagine a launch every day. Making the moon a goal and achieving it would happen so fast. Private space stations working hand in hand with NASA. Man I’m excited.

  • Alan Light

    Glad to see another American company make it to the ISS. Even if they aren't as efficient as their chief competitor it's still an amazing accomplishment and I hope they will continue to improve their performance.

  • Alejandro Ruiz

    I'm not a Patreon, I'm a simple youtube suscriber of your channel. Just for this I THANK YOU even more to have all this info FOR FREE ;-)

  • Nate Desharnais

    Great coverage. Keep up the good work.

  • jefftube58

    Glad to see Starliner is doing better !

  • Geofrey Pejsa

    Loved the video on Boeing's Starliner. Thanks for what you do!

  • All Good

    Awesome launch and docking👍🚀

  • Doron Smulian

    Love what you do 👍

  • Adam Steinhardt

    SRBs are entirely limited by propellant mass, an engineer would put a safety factor in it, so an over performance would arguably be nominal

  • Sinuous
    Sinuous  +12

    Not only is it important that more and more companies get into space flight to help us become a space faring civilization but everything else that comes with it, this is the next gold rush in my opinion. Once space becomes more accessible, i think you'll see many more companies popping up to start researching and exploit the resources in our solar system, the advancement in space travel will start to improve exponentially as well as technology in general. Great time to be alive.

  • Rowland Reeves

    Very well done Tim. Thank you for the great coverage. Nice of you to show a positive attitude relative to NASA's legacy technology and super expensive ship.

  • David Roberts

    Hi everyday astronaut 👩‍🚀 great 👍 thanks 🙏 for showing me starliner taking off that was a great launch 🚀 let’s hope the rest of the flight ✈️ goes well ❤️🚀🇬🇧🙏👍

  • D Ket

    You've done well with the limited resources provided.

  • Doug Peters

    Thanks, Tim for the informative video, and thanks NASA and UAL for the trip down memory lane. I was washing dishes at the Grand Canyon when Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon, and this UAL launch reminded me of those days.

  • Democracy Manifest

    It must be a weird feeling building a machine that you know is already obsolete

  • DontTryThis@HomeDIY

    Would like to see a video of how the ISS Water recovery system and Oxygen system work. Love the rocket explanations but this would be cool to watch.