Watch Rocket Lab Try To CATCH Electron w/ a Helicopter For The First Time!

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  • 1/05/2022 को प्रकाशित
  • Rocket Lab is preparing for its There and Back Again mission that will launch from Launch Complex-1A, Māhia Peninsula, New Zealand. On the There and Back Again mission, Electron will carry 34 payloads for commercial operators Alba Orbital, Astrix Astronautics, Aurora Propulsion Technologies, E-Space, Unseenlabs, and Swarm Technologies via global launch services provider Spaceflight Inc. Moreover, this mission will mark the first attempt of a mid-air helicopter capture of the Electron launch vehicle as it returns to Earth from space.
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  • Jackson Willbert

    I can envision a future mission in a Grand Theft Auto game where players must steal a falling rocket via helicopter. Make it happen Rockstar games.

  • jacksdaddy13

    So good to watch an EDA live launch coverage again. Super love your style and explanations while respecting the launch providers coverage too. All class.

  • gravelydon
    gravelydon  +297


  • My Tesla Weekend

    You offer the absolute best of the best in live space coverage. Great stuff!

  • William Chamberlain

    Spectacular launch - spectacular weather! Plus the flame transition at

  • FlyinCameras

    That was some much fun to watch. Thanks for all the hard work, Tim!

  • James Guy Photography

    I'm guessing either it was too heavy, or that the chute was too draggy, and was going to burn too much fuel on return. We'll have to wait for Scott Manley to tell us what happened.

  • Bernie Short

    That was a nerve wrecking wait for the capture, my heart was in my mouth. It’s kind of sad that we are still in limbo as to confirming a firm capture without loss. It was definitely captured from what I saw on screen. Here’s wishing Rocket Lab every success for their future in space.

  • Julian Silden Langlo

    Great catch by the pilot and good choice to release it when it was behaving weird. They've probably gotten enough data from this catch that they can find out why their expectations were off and how to correct for it.

  • ronak shah

    I love how Everyday Astronauts is passionate about space and not only talks about SpaceX but RocketLab and others. Great job mate!!

  • Mary Ann Proffitt

    Thanks for covering that, always cool to see space exploration, rockets launching to space and businesses being successful! One of the small towns I lived in had a pool hall/arcade owned by folks with your last name and it was the only meet up/ hang out place for young people in that tiny town.

  • Cologan
    Cologan  +48

    id call this a win. this is still in its experimental phase, and they got 95% of the way there. plus payloads deployed

  • Thomas Maiden

    Tim, "ZoeTheRobot" has GREAT respect for the passion that you have for producing the highest possible quality video on the subject matter that we love; Space travel and the technological advancement of human kind. Good Job !

  • steve poling

    Glad to see progress. Given the relative maneuverability of planes vs boats, I'm surprised SpaceX hasn't tried airborne faring catches. Maybe after Elon buys an aircraft carrier...

  • Pat
    Pat  +87

    As a spacex fan this is awesome to see! Any step in the reusability direction is the right one! Go rocket lab!! 🚀

  • FuckinGoogleIDont want to use my real name

    That half second before it leaves the pad but where the engines are running is terrifying.

  • Gregory Kitchens

    Well they can’t call it a failure they caught it, and they were already prepared to put it in the water anyways. They didn’t achieve all of their goals but it was a very lofty goal to start with, no pun intended. Super proud of them.

  • TesLatino

    This was so amazing I am almost at a loss for words.

  • Napalm Holocaust

    You do put out very high quality content. So high in fact I find most other aerospace channels mildly irritating for their lack of comprehension

  • Gerg C

    I can't wait to see the next one!