I asked you to predict 2021's spaceflight milestones...

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  • 26/12/2021 को प्रकाशित
  • On January 1st, 2021, I tweeted a set of polls and wanted to see how well we in the spaceflight community could predict what would happen in the year forward. Well... it was... interesting...
    Did you take this poll? Click here and follow along to see how you did! Erdayastronaut/st...
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  • Clark
    Clark  +254

    This year was one hell of a year for spaceflight. I didn’t have as much time as I used to so I can’t watch as much but I am so happy everytime I see a milestone be hit. Can’t wait to see what happens in this next year. The future is bright

  • Keith Kelso

    On the Starliner poll, None of the above couldn't mean the same thing as No Flight Milestone, because No Flight Milestone was one of the things above. None Of the Above would imply that they reached some milestone beyond Crew Flight Test, which is obviously incorrect. So only those who picked No Flight Milestone were correct.

  • Cheshire
    Cheshire  +36

    It's really interesting that 66% of people said starship will reach orbit, but only 25% said superheavy will fly in a full stack. I assume it's because the people who made their way to the 11th poll are more invested in the subject and thus more realistic about the schedule. It may also be caused by framing the first question as "which of the three" which sets one of them succeeding as the default.

  • Robin Hislop

    I'm curious to see what Rocket Labs achieve in the year(s) ahead.

  • Topdog525
    Topdog525  +120

    SN10 was one of the most visually stunning rockets ever imho. It looks like CGI! We got epic shots of both the landing and the explosion.

  • Akshat Gupta

    Well Tim you forgot to add another milestone in this video and that is you have reached 1 million subscribers.🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Michael Cox

    Poll ideas:

  • JON R Wieszchowski

    That was Fun. Poll: Will Tim do a lot more INclips videos in 2022 than he did in 2021❓

  • Dharma Patel

    My ideas for 2022 questions:

  • Marvin Kö

    Man, I know how I was feeling back then. I was so sure that Starship SN9 would stick the landing and they would just roll out the booster and go for it. I had not thought of HOW they were going to launch the stack, though

  • Sean Foley

    Watching Lex & Elon.... Explaining rockets to everyday people, Tim's probably the best !! 👍

  • Taurus Space

    Very interesting video!

  • Isaac Madsen

    Hey I was right that James Webb would Launch!

  • T65Bx
    T65Bx  +162

    Well, as the years go by, there are some things we can always be sure of: New Glenn will never be built, SLS will never launch, and JWST will neve- Oh wait!

  • Celia YAHCCS

    I'd expect lots more launches... more successes... perhaps a few more failures... more delays... and something unexpected, whatever that might be!! Certainly I'd expect more exciting space news videos!

  • Ryan Kohnenkamp

    Tim, what was YOUR answers to those questions? Maybe for next year's video(s), you can record what you thought and see if your predictions are better/worse than the community

  • Dave Spain

    Tim Dodd and the team excelling themselves with great videos

  • Brown
    Brown  +8

    As exciting as watching the Apollo mission in retrospect and then seeing the Voyager missions kick off were incredible. I get very excited at every success of any SpaceX milestone. It is incredible what has and will be achieved! Innovation to infinity and we get to watch. Looking forward to 2022 and the Falcon Heavy launches and chopstick catches. SpaceX fanboy here for sure.

  • Emma Miclea

    Sweet! We got some of them right and even a couple were pretty close. Can’t wait for what happens in 2022. This year was a great run. Thanks Tim 🙏

  • Harry Martin

    Really awesome way to overview the year. Love how many of your poll questions you later laughed at🤣🤣