Will New Glenn be the KING of Heavy Lift Rockets?

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  • 11/12/2018 को प्रकाशित
  • Blue Origin, perhaps the sleeping giant of the aerospace industry, will be going from a tiny suborbital rocket, to one of the biggest rockets ever made…
    Today, we’re finally going to do a quick rundown on Blue Origin, talk about their upcoming New Glenn rocket and then compare it to some of the other Heavy Lift Launchers it will be competing against.
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  • Everyday Astronaut
    Everyday Astronaut  3 साल पहले +749

    Some notes! First: Falcon Heavy to LEO is indeed 30 tonnes, because as stated in the video, we quoted fully reusable, RTLS and droneship landing. The number you see on wikipedia (63,800 kg) is fully expendable. If you need a source on 30 to LEO here's Elon talking about it -

  • rafagd
    rafagd 3 साल पहले +700

    I hope they have the same amount of cameras that SpaceX has. It always feels weird to go back to ULA's or Roscosmos launches, where we barely get an animation.

  • Billy Begos
    Billy Begos 2 साल पहले +785

    "2021 can't come soon enough" this man is years ahead of his time

  • Stanley Gagner
    Stanley Gagner 2 साल पहले +541

    Blue Origin: We have achieved the first propulsive landing after reaching space

  • Karanas Stelios
    Karanas Stelios साल पहले +383

    Guys I'm from the future. Starship has done more progress than new Glenn.

  • Cole Smith
    Cole Smith 3 साल पहले +413

    SpaceX and Blue Origin are going to create some crazy competition and produce some crazy rockets. This is sick.

  • Bala M
    Bala M  +27

    2018: "The BE-4 is very far along in its development."

  • Steven John
    Steven John 3 साल पहले +4

    Soooo their first Mars Rocket is gonna be called "New Musk?"

  • Diedert Spijkerboer
    Diedert Spijkerboer 2 साल पहले +201

    I would first have to see the new Glenn actually launching successfully until I'm as impressed with Blue Origin as I am with SpaceX.

  • JMarten Studios
    JMarten Studios साल पहले +73

    3 years later, and New Glenn has been delayed, as the first stage has barely even got a mockup, and the BE-4 is still not flight worthy.

  • Wiizl
    Wiizl साल पहले +112

    Now a couple of years later they already have one half of a fairing :DD

  • Johan Nel
    Johan Nel 3 साल पहले +20

    Fantastic! I love your presentations Tim. Well researched, funny and light with a great attitude. I hope Blue Origin is hugely successful. We need the competition to break the stranglehold the incumbent players have. It's a monopoly. Keep up the good work!

  • John Kelley Brown
    John Kelley Brown 3 साल पहले +670

    Ahhh, a video from back in the days before we learned that waters towers can fly.

  • Dann
    Dann 3 साल पहले +212

    At first i only chose SpaceX's rockets and hated every other rocket out there, but thanks to your videos ive changed my mind, space is an us thing now im cheering for SpaceX, BO, Rocket Lab, NASA, ULA and every space company out there

  • mikker29y
    mikker29y साल पहले +18

    New Glenn will be King of obsolete rockets by the time it flies.

  • jorge cussinero
    jorge cussinero 3 साल पहले +132

    I just started watching this channel...spent the whole day...mostly on your channel...you are awesome ...I am a retired chem engineer ..that now has the time to get geeky..like you space nerds ...keep them cong ...great job...might contribute :-)

  • Mason Pressive
    Mason Pressive 2 साल पहले

    Your content, live feeds and stats are not only improving, but are very informative, and entertaining. Thank you for all that you do, and you keep being you, you're good at it and the only one who can, even when it seems you're an every moment astronaut. Praise to all the tribes, may we all get to where we want to be.

  • Ian Jordan
    Ian Jordan 3 साल पहले

    This is , overall, an excellent video comparing medium-heavy boosters planned for operations in the 2020-2025 timeframe, and a very good discussion of New Glenn in particular. Two corrections are worth noting: 1) at ~

  • wireless849
    wireless849 2 साल पहले +720

    “I just wanna look to the future and not be sad”

  • General Gold
    General Gold 3 साल पहले +18

    I feel like New Glenn is more on par with BFR / Starship and not the Falcon Heavy, as they are both still at a conceptual/experimental level and seem like they will come in to service around the same time as each other.