Artemis 1 Q&A and Prelaunch Party!!!

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  • 27/08/2022 को प्रकाशित
  • Join me LIVE from Kennedy Space Center as we answer your questions about NASA's exciting Artemis 1 mission, the first test flight of their most powerful rocket ever, SLS!
    NASA is set to launch the Orion spacecraft to a distant retrograde lunar orbit atop the Space Launch System (SLS) for its maiden launch. Launching from Launch Complex 39B, at the Kennedy Space Center, in Florida, the Artemis I mission will certify both Orion and the SLS Block 1 rocket for crewed spaceflight; its next mission-aptly named Artemis II-will be crewed, and bring a yet-announced crew to lunar orbit (but will not land on the lunar surface).
    Check out our Prelaunch Preview to learn more about this mission!
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  • Arnold Sherrill

    I attended the launch of Apollo 13 as a member of a Boy Scout Troop from Atlanta Georgia. And here it is decades later one of those memories that I can't stop thinking about it inspired my lifelong interest in aviation and space exploration as well as science fiction. Tim I'm just going to flat out tell you you are going to experience something that is going to change the way you look at what you're doing as well as yourself. This is bottom of the 9th inning, and the score is tied type of energy you're about to experience. If you have a moment where you don't have the words during your broadcast don't worry it just means you're human. You are about to watch History be written in real time, and you will always remember where you were and what you were doing

  • jeffrey exposito

    NASA has prepaid for 8 Artemis launches which indicates how serious the US is to establish a moon base before anyone else.

  • Patreeko Time

    144p here. The NASA footage looks fine. 😂

  • E Van
    E Van  +3

    Man I can't wait to watch this crazy thing! I just woke up. Looks like beautiful weather over there!

  • Adam D
    Adam D  +8

    What an incredible intro sequence of footage, music and editing!

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  • Mau L

    Absolutely awesome job Tim & Team (lol)!! Streaming live with multiple cameras and SUCH an image quality it's quite a thing! So thank you for producing and delivering this material to all of us around the world! 🤘🏻🤘🏻

  • Car Culture Nation

    you pointed out something i always was wondering about myself. when im spelling fast i put maybe the first 2 letters (or numbers) and they are actually the middle so i find myself writing or puttin multiple digits from the inside out. When you said that and dyslexia i thought that was a possible thing but now you said it and im like wow i thought that was normal i told myself for years. going to get tested asap thankyou.

  • mike kretsch

    wow the 4k is amazing

  • Gaffa
    Gaffa  +60

    We need to get Everyday Astronaut wrap for the EAMobile.

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    The clock at the beginning says

  • Joe Bushnell

    I LOVE your new logo on the front of that van. 😍 Please keep it. It's simple, and still stands out!

  • Overopinionated Az'hat

    I absolutely have a favorite orbiter.

  • Death Valley Dazed

    I prefer Tim Dodd’s launch coverage over the main stream media by a wide margin.

  • Bob
    Bob  +1

    Thats amazing your so close to launch area

  • fastamx 069BOX

    Dude, you are killing it....!

  • Robert Emmer

    Brand new Its perfect glad the trip was safe.

  • EDM Ninja

    CT!!! Sorry CT doesn't get many shout outs. But I think it's awesome that my home state is represented (kind of) on this channel!! :)

  • Phillip Mulligan

    I witnessed the launch of Saturn V so, It's my reference for the most powerful rocket ever launched.